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Happy Retirement!

Written by Amy Stiles, Early Intervention Director

After 33 years of stellar service to our kiddos with special needs, Elizabeth Peters will be retiring on Friday, May 4th. To say Elizabeth will be missed is quite the understatement. Her knowledge and love of this population of children has always been evident and shines through her quality of work.

In the fall of 1992, Elizabeth took a chance on a fresh-out-of-college early interventionist(me) and I am thankful every day that she did. Her guidance through the many changes in the early intervention system has been instrumental in making Sunshine Early Intervention the quality program it is today.

Let us all congratulate Elizabeth on a remarkable career as well as to let her know she will be missed.   Elizabeth is ready to camp, hike, and play with the grandbabies so all that is left to say is “HAPPY RETIREMENT!”